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Jess Robertson
Province, Country:
ON, Canada
Date of Birth:
January 3 2005
Coat Colour:
black with a bit of white on chest and toes
Eye Colour:

Sasha is a fun loving girl who has no idea she is a big puppy and will only get bigger,  her best friend is a Min Pin and she thinks she is the same size as her. So when they are playing she tries to run under the chair just like her friend and ends up knocking it to the floor. She is big and cuddly and a very quick learner! We found out she is just like most Newfoundlands and LOVES water. She is obsessed with water in general, you leave the bathroom door open at anytime because she is either trying to get in the toilet or in the bath tub. She finds every puddle she can and even puts her feet in her water dish as well. Only thing we have to get use to is her snoring, she sounds like a old man when she snores and it is pretty loud but we love her just the same. I am already in love with her and I know as she grows I will get even more attached because she just has a wonderful personality.

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