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Natasha Campeau
Province, Country:
QC, Canada
Date of Birth:
Coat Colour:
black and tan
Eye Colour:

My name is Nick, I'm an 8 year old German Shepherd male and my life changed in 2 ways in the last years.  For one thing, I was adopted by Natasha who worked at the the shelter were I was abandonned FOR THE 4th time!!!!!! In 5 years.  No one thought I would ever find a home because of my age and the fact that ,my previous owners had told the people who worked at the shelter that I was aggressive!  Well, I guess Nat saw past the "beware of aggressive dog" signe on my cage and after weeks of caring for me at the shelter she saw the great dog I really was and decided to take me in as a roommate!!!!! I now had my own "little house" inside the big house,(some call it a cage), but I could go in and out and was never locked in!!!! And she put 2  comforters both folded in 4  so I would have something soft to lie on that was ALL MINE!!!!!  I am always welcomed on the bed, but I prefer my little house. I know Nat wishes I would sleep next to her but my previous owners were so mean about it, I just can't get used to the idea that I'm allowed!!
The other  thing that changed in my life is that 2 and a half months ago, I was hit by a car, and subsequently LOST MY RIGHT FRONT PAW.
Nat and her Mom tried EVERYTHING to save my paw, all to no avail.  When I realized that I had been amputated, I went into a DEEP depression. I wouldn,t eat, drink or sleep. I was in pain from the operation and thought I would never have fun again.
Then ,one day Nat started taking me to the park like old times!!(she wasn't allowed to take me out long because of the injury for 2 months) I was no longer in pain and I saw another dog! WOW!! A FRIEND!! I thought because of this accident I would be locked in the house forever,yet, here I was, in my favourite dog park RUNNING with another dog!! Yes!! I could RUN!! Even with only 3 legs!!!! And I can,t TELL you the attention I get!  Everyone thinks I'm a HERO!! People come up and pat me ALL THE TIME!! WEll, I am very Cute!!

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