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Kittens and Birth Infections – Pet tip 241

When kittens are born they are extra small and fragile. This increases their potential of becoming ill or getting an infection. Infections in newborn kittens are quite serious as their bodies are small and they have not built up adequate immunity against many diseases or potential infections that may harm them. This article will focus on three infections that can affect newborn kittens; umbilical infections, toxic milk syndrome and septicemia.

When a female cat (aka a queen) gives birth, she will bite open the amniotic sac that surrounds the kitten. She will then chew through the umbilical cord of the kitten. Normally there are no problems.

ashley wilson
Not Provided
Province, Country:
TX, United States
Date of Birth:
January, 3 2005
Not Provided
Not Provided
Coat Colour:
Grey w/ orange spots
Eye Colour:
light green/brown

Hi, my name is Isabelle and i am a baby cat, my owner loves me like im her own child, thats why she gave me a web page :) well, i was adopted at the pound when i was only 6 weeks old, i had to drink only this milk thing from our vet, but im better now! *MEOW*

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