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Dee Brandenburg- Oldfield
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Province, Country:
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Lhasa Apso
Date of Birth:
Not Provided
Date of Death
January 31, 2005
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Coat Colour:
black and white
Eye Colour:

Lacy was a wonderful dog, family member, and loyal friend. We adopted her July 26, 2003, and were delighted to finally have a dog( we lived in an apartment for 13 years, and we're not able to have pets.)
She was full of lhastuide, but well behaved,sweet to the kids,( unless they annoyed her), tolerated most visitors, and was usually not too ugly, patient during grooming, rarely ever destructive, with the exception of a few phone cords, and a few of my husband's shoes.She was there to keep me company, and even cried with me a few times during a severe personal health battle I went though last year. She was very protective of me, and was there to comfort and encourage me, when I was extremely down and in severe pain.
Bless her heart, it seemed like she constantly battled one challenge after another, but she never let it get her down, and it never broke her spirit.I discovered her lymph nodes swollen last Sept. and she underwent a biopsy which confirmed Lymphoma. My heart was broken,and I cried much over it, but I was determined to do everything to save her, and help her recover ( by giving her the Budwig diet for cancer), she died January 31. 2005. She tried to die peacefully, alone in the backyard while it was raining, but I just couldn't let her die alone, so I carried her limp body inside where my family prayed for her, she was very weak but finally find enough strength to get up, and go to my son's closed bedroom door, and managed to scratch on the door. We knew she was telling him goodbye. Then she went into the hallway and layed down in front of my son's bedroom door, and he came and got me, and I kneeled down and kissed her and told her she was a good dog, I loved her, and knew she was tired, and told her I would miss her, and she took a few long slow breaths, and she was gone.
Our lives will never be the same. We have lost a devoted friend, and loyal companion. It is always hard to come home and not hear her bark, and to have run with her wagging her tail to greet all of us.There is a huge hole and emptiness that she alone could fill..... We will always love her.

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