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Angie Hunter
Province, Country:
BC, Canada
Date of Birth:
june 2001?
Coat Colour:
tri colour
Eye Colour:

I was rescued by my mom & dad 2 yrs ago. They are my FOURTH home & I was only 2!! I was living with a family with LITTLE kids & a BIG dog..the kids were REALLY mean to me. My other home I was left ALL alone in a mechanic type shop...covered in oil..ALL alone..I cried & no one heard me..( i have abandonment issues now) My original owner let me get lost...I got out of my yard too many times because I was ignored...so I was surrendered to the SPCA. Thats how my whole life started & I was only TWO!My new mommy & daddy loved me sooo much @ first sight...they took me home RIGHT then & there! (it helps looking like an "Ewok") They also investigated my WHOLE life & found out everything!!-thanks to my microchip- (I can be REALLY grouchie @ times)...but they love me unconditionally!!! I now have issues--mom calls it "little man syndrome"-i have ingrown eyelashes thats too late for surgery..so I have 1 good eye...hard to see sometimes....I also DONT like little kids!! Big dogs intimidate me..but I stand my ground with my newly adopted big brother, Zeus(also a rescue dog) I have my own comfy bed now..walks daily..car rides..& most of all...LOVE!! ( & cuddles) More people need to save my fellow friends!

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