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Leanne Baracetti
Province, Country:
AB, Canada
Date of Birth:
dec 25 1995
Date of Death
April 2001
Not Provided
Coat Colour:
white, black, tan
Eye Colour:

Bud was passed on to me from another family when I was very young, maybe 5 I think.  I had just had to give away my kitten as my mother was allergic to it, and it was the best thing that ever happened to me.  Bud was my best friend though the years leading to his death in 2001.  Whenever i got in a fight with my mom, had a bad day at school, or felt lonely; Bud was always there to listen and catch my tears.  He was always a good friend from the start, never biting me or being too whiney.  I would take him around the house in my doll stroller and play with him any moment I could.  I was constantly taking him to the park outside my building so he could lay in the sun and eat grass. Mostly just to show him off to my friends,  but I always looked out for him at a young age, because i knew he was helpless and easily hurt.  Over the years Bud grew with me.  And when I say grow, I mean GROW.  Even though he came into my life a full grown guinea pig, I nurtured him with all the lettuce, carrots,  and treat bars I could.  This is probably why he started blatantly refusing food pellets; peeing, pooping and then spilling a fresh bowl whenever the opporotunity arose.  I loved Bud more than anything else in the world.  Bud moved with my mother and I when we relocated from Ontario to Alberta Canada.  When my father met him he instantly fell in love as well, maybe even more than myself.  Bud eventuall had to move to my fathers house, in the same town, because for some sudden reason, after owning the pig for 5 years she suddenly became highly allegic to him.  That was ok because my father, living alone, instantly bonded with him and became best friends.  I made sure I paid frequent visits so i could see my baby.  During the summer months my father and I would bring Bud outside and lay him in the overgrown grass and place his barred cage topping (removable) above him to protect him from birds of prey, common in my mountain town.  When let loose Bud would run fast as lightning to his favorite tree in the yard, though he was quite old by this time.  Bud died about a year after moving to my fathers home.  We saw it coming, as he was having digestive problems with extreme constipation.  He died quietly in my fathers arms around midnight and he recalls it as a very solemn moment between the two of them, both knowing what was happening. When I got the call from my father the next day it was the most devastating news I have heard to this day.  I raced to my fathers home on my bike crying the entire ride.  We sat and cried together for awhile and proceeded to bury him in my fathers front yard under the tree bud would run to when outside in the summer.  We held a funeral, the two of us, and then I decided to make a gravemarker in my grade 7 shop class I was attending at the time.  I worked on the project for about a month and a half, a wooden cross displaying a large red heart engraved with the word BUD.  It was all finished and needed only a varnishing when it was stolen by someone at a night class in the room.  I was enraged but the day it could not be found, I started anew using just as much care and time as was exerted on the first.  The second cross identical to the first was finished and brought home safely.  Four years later I still pay my respects to Bud for holding out as long as he could, knowing how much I needed him.

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