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Yawning and Blinking in Dogs – Pet tip 217

When it comes to reading a dog’s body language there are many movements and gestures to pay attention to. Some of the gestures are easy to understand. A growling dog is sending a clear message and very few people will mistake the intention of that message. It means that the dog is uncomfortable and you should immediately back off or back away. The growl will likely also come with other gestures like standing forward, ears pointing forward and possibly raised fur. A broad wagging tail is also a clear sign usually associated with happiness and alertness.

Bill Lukawy
Red Deer
Province, Country:
AB, Canada
Date of Birth:
Sept 2003
Date of Death
Dec 7, 2004
Not Provided
Coat Colour:
Eye Colour:



You were playing outside and made it past the front gate and were hit by a car.  I rushed you to the vet, we tried everything.  You were paralysed and had bladder failure.

I went to visit you constantly and the last day you cried so much except when you saw me.  I left the vet knowing I had to make a decision.  I came back 1 hour later and you looked at me, you were so happy.  I took a few pictures of you to remember you.  You were my pup at that moment.  After I took the pictures you just put your head down and I sat there holding you for a long time.  I went out and told them to make you happy again and to be able to run.  I came back and they gave you medication to sleep.  I died at that moment, I lost my friend, and my will to go on. 

The 2 cats are so depressed, they keep looking for you even though they saw the accident. The kitten is lost without his friend.

Buddy, you can run in the fields again and are no longer in pain.  I am taking you in the summer back to camp on  Lake Superior where you were most happy, you're going home.

You were only with us a short time and you were so young but the hole left in our hearts will always be there.

I'll miss you forever, I love you pup.


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