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Cherry eye in dogs – Pet tip 122

Any owner of a dog who has had “cherry eye” will tell you that it is not a pretty sight. Perhaps you have witnessed it yourself and have seen the large red mass bulging out of the inner corner of a dog’s eye, from which the name ‘cherry eye’ originated. While not the most visually appealing condition (for the owners or the afflicted dog), cherry eye is actually a fairly common and benign occurrence in many breeds of dogs.

Though it may appear somewhat like a tumour or even an awfully big bug bite, the ‘cherry’ on your dog’s eye is actually a prolapsed (or popped out) gland. Known by veterinarians as the nictitans gland, this gland is present in the third eyelid of dogs and aids in the production of tears. Unlike humans, many animals possess this third eyelid which closes horizontally across the eye to provide extra protection and moisture.

Michael Worth
Province, Country:
Not Provided
Patterdale Terrier (Black Fell Terrier)
Date of Birth:
Not Provided
Coat Colour:
Black with blood and white patches
Eye Colour:

Hi I am Tally!! I think the best day of my life was when my human Michael took me away from the humans who had me. It had been my third home in my short life and now Michael would be my fourth home...I really hope I stay here hes seems to like me a lot.. I love to sleep on Michael's bed, although he does move around a lot while a sleep so I try and pin his legs or arms down so he can't move..hehehe  I love staying on the bed when michael gets up...I only move because I need to go out and water a veery nice tree stump.   We live close to the sea and I love gong for long walks on the beach chasing all the birds but I don't go close to Swans, I keep well away because they could hurt me. when I am on the park behind the beach I run and run chasing all the wagtails and seagulls, and sometimes playing with other dogs if they let me, I have been known to take there ball and then they chase me to get it back.....I am deaf a lot of the time  to Michael, and don't come back when he calls me??  Michael then does not talk to me for a while although I get my treat when I get home.  I love to torment michael by nipping his jeans when he is on the computer, he gets a little frustrated trying to work out what i want to do!!  most of the time i am just distracting him, Although i do love seat on him while i go to sleep chasing rabbits in the nice long grass...my little legs go ten to the dozen.....

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