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Taylor Lewis
Province, Country:
ON, Canada
Senegal Parrot
Date of Birth:
May, 2 2003
Coat Colour:
Green and Yellow
Eye Colour:

Hi my name is Niko.  Mommy says I am a pretty boy.  My favourite thing to do is talk my favourite word is Peekaboo.  My favourite toy is my colourful plastic chain.  I think my most cherised memory is when Mommy bought me from the petstore.  Everyone at the petstore was sad to see me go but I knew I was going to a happy place because the minute Mommy saw me she knew that I was the one to take home.  So 1 month later Mommy adopted me, but I couldn't go home with her right away because I had fallen in my cage that was in the petstore and hurt my tummy. Mommy came and saw me every single day for 1 month at the petstore until she brought me home. Now I am in a happy place and I want to stay here forever.   Mommy also says I am a bad boy somtimes because I bite and because I always scream for no reason.  But then later she says that she still loves me.

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