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Kittens and Birth Infections – Pet tip 241

When kittens are born they are extra small and fragile. This increases their potential of becoming ill or getting an infection. Infections in newborn kittens are quite serious as their bodies are small and they have not built up adequate immunity against many diseases or potential infections that may harm them. This article will focus on three infections that can affect newborn kittens; umbilical infections, toxic milk syndrome and septicemia.

When a female cat (aka a queen) gives birth, she will bite open the amniotic sac that surrounds the kitten. She will then chew through the umbilical cord of the kitten. Normally there are no problems.

Taylor Lewis
Province, Country:
ON, Canada
Date of Birth:
July, 18 2003
Coat Colour:
Eye Colour:

Angel is a very loving and playful little kitty. She loves to play with children but is not to fond of adults. Angel loves to play with other cats but not as much as she loved to play with her friend Misty May. She was found a stray at the age of 2 weeks and her mother was found  deceased. But fortunatly her brothers and sisters were found with her.  Angel hates water but loves food.Her favourite toy is her rainbow coloured mouse with catnip in it. Her favourite lounging spot is the computer chair,whenever you go sit on the chair she is always there behind you.  I think her most embarrassing moment was when she had started to walk right after she got an operation on her leg and she tumbled over her own tail.  Her cherised most sad moment was when her mother died and her and her siblings were lefted alone at 2 weeks of age. Angel also likes dressing up in clothes, as you can see in her picture.  Angel also knows that she is my Princess and Misty is the Queen.

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