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Dogs – Cats and Budgeting – Pet tip 242

Times are tough and many of us have less money coming in (income) but still have the same costs. This leaves most people with very little extra money to just ‘throw away’. This may cause some pet owners to become worried about how to provide for the health and well-being of their pets.

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The most important thing you can provide for your pet is health. Budgeting for an annual check-up and vaccinations is absolutely necessary.

Lisa Loveless
Province, Country:
ON, Canada
Border Collie, Beagle, Lab MIX
Date of Birth:
February 8, 2002
Not Provided
Coat Colour:
Black & White
Eye Colour:

Hello Hello Hi My name is KC but most people call me "the KC dawg". I'm a high energy, friendly, smillin' dog who loves to go where the puppies play, to the park I say, where the puppies play. I love to be the sneakiest dog if there ever could be and grab that stick, ball or toy from my buds at the park not because I really want to play with it, but (shhhh) because I love "the chase"... I'm super fast soooo, they normally don't catch me and I love to get far away, drop the toy and look back and smile as they try and catch up. When I'm relaxing at home with my two favorite buds, you know the blond and brunette who bring me everywhere, including my favorite place to be where the puppies can run and play free as can be... well, one of my favorite relaxing spots would be curled up into my compact KC mode on the couch right beside where my sister, Cody, (Cody's a funny looking dog who doesn't get out much and likes to chase mice around - I find her to be a bite strange, but shhh - we don't want to hurt her feelings now) loves to lounge. I also really enjoy sneaking up on the bed and sneaking kisses when my two buds, you know the blond and brunette, are least expecting it. Sometimes I get a little silly, oh boy, you'll love this. So, this one time (oh dog, I thought this was hilarious) I had been a sneaky dog and snuck into the bathroom and right into the shower when my buds, you know the blond and brunette, where in the shower, OH, DOG you should have seen there faces when they turned around and saw me standing there, I jumped out and oh did I laugh... I was being the silliest dog! Well, better jet, my buds are calling... oh dog, I hope it's to the park I go where the puppies play! *licks*

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