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Miss Chievous Chelsea

Miss Chievous Chelsea

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michelle speal
Province, Country:
ON, Canada
Shih Tzu
Date of Birth:
August 25, 2004
Not Provided
Coat Colour:
brindle with a black mask
Eye Colour:

Everyone calls me Chelsea for short but I definately live up to my full name!  I guess I also live up to my breed name as mommy often calls me a little Shih T__.
I'm 3 months old now and everyone says I'm already pretty spoiled.   I'll only eat if someone hand feeds me each individual morcel.  I have lots of toys to play with and usually stay in a playpen when mom's not home.  When mom's gone for the whole day, one of the neighbors comes to get me and takes me home to play ... I guess it's like going to puppy day care.... whatever, there are lots a kids there so I have fun.
I recently discovered ABC (already been chewed) gum and I really like it.  Mom usually takes it away though so I have to be sneaky.  When we are walking, I just pretend to be sniffing the sidewalk but sometimes it takes too long to peel it off and she catches me.  Other times she sees me chewing and sticks her fingers in my mouth to see what I've got. 

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