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Lisa and Robert Harrison
Province, Country:
ON, Canada
Date of Birth:
January 3, 2001
Not Provided
Coat Colour:
Eye Colour:

My name is Sam.  I am also called Sammie, Samuel and Sam I Am.  I was picked up one day from the Oshawa Humane Society.  I am convinced it was my eyes that gave me a home because I don't bark.  When they walked by I just longingly stared through the bars and Lisa turned around and she was hooked! 
I absolutely love going for a ride in the car and will run around the car in circles in the garage until one of my owners lets me in.  I hate sharing my food and my toys but I won't bite anyone.  I will just give a gentle growl to tell you to stay away.  I also hate my crate because I know that my owners aren't home to play with me.  
My favourite toy is an old rope for playing pull toy that I will swing around for hours.  I love the couch and my owner's bed (which I am not allowed to be on, but sometimes I do sneak up on).  I love my Auntie April and my cousins Max and Daisy.  I also love to get into the garbage.  My owners try to stay one step ahead of me and hide the garbage but sometimes I still do get in it.  I love treats and will sit, stay, give both paws (one at a time) and I will sometimes even roll over if I am in the mood.  
Don't ever let me off the leash because I may get lost.  I can't help but run, run, run (it's the hound in me).  I have gotten lost 3 times.  I have met some very nice people and have slept in other people's beds until my owners found me. 
My feline sister Alicia passed away on October 22.  I miss the playful swats she used to give to me.  I didn't pay a lot of attention to her and now I wish I did.  Rest in Peace Ali.
I give great kisses and am incredibly cute!!

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