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Dogs and Cats that Drink Too Much Water – Pet tip 240

Water is the elixir of life and it is essential to all living things. Our pets need to have access to water at all times and their water bowls should be filled with fresh water every single day. When our pets don’t get enough water dehydration can occur. Sometimes though, our pets drink too much water and although we know that water is good for our pets, too much is too much. Serious health problems can occur when our pets drink too much water. Sometimes the reason they drink so much stems from psychological or behavioural problems; other times the reason is medical. Either way, drinking too much water is dangerous for pets.

When a pet drinks too much water, its urinary system is also affected. What goes in must come out so thirst and urination are naturally linked.

Steph Trenn
Province, Country:
PA, United States
Curly haired rex Rat
Date of Birth:
Date of Death
Not Provided
Coat Colour:
drk grey
Eye Colour:

Zowie was one of our favorite Rats.she would pretend to kiss my cat and then give him a nip on his nose and that cat would take off.Zowie's best friend was my son Brent.She would lay on his neck and watch tv and take naps .He did most of her training.one of her favorite things to to was play tag and ride in a remote volkswagon.She would just sit in the drivers seat like she was all that,but then she was.She brought so much joy and love into our lives.We miss her and will forvever love her deeply.

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