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Sick Dogs and Cats that won’t Eat – Pet Tip 252

We all know how important nutrition is to good health. Food gives us fuel for energy and allows us to do things that we usually take for granted. The same goes for animals. However, when an animal is sick, or is in the hospital, it can often be very tricky to get them to eat properly. The term “anorexia” means that an animal is inappetent, uninterested in food, and has stopped eating. It is very important to keep the calories up in a sick patient since this is the time they need them the most. Nutritionists have calculated formulas for energy requirements for different sized animals that are healthy.

Connie and Marta and Bob Somerville
Province, Country:
WA, United States
Date of Birth:
Date of Death
Coat Colour:
flea bitten grey
Eye Colour:

Tayab was my best friend. He always knew just what i needed. whether it was a good lon ride in the mountains, a bolt throught the field, a game of tag, or just a shoulder to cry on.
His favorite treat was oddly enough lemon jelly dougnut and a coke. He loved to cuddle and be brushed.
Best of all he had no idea he was really an old man.. He would act just like a youngster. Our common joke was he was 20 something going on 2!..
I would like to give a special thank you to BOB AND MARTA for all they did and for loving him as much as they did. They were there for him when I could no longer be.
God bless them.
I know he is waiting for me across the rainbow bridge.

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