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Bluemarcs Sparky Boi(Sam)

Bluemarcs Sparky Boi(Sam)

How cute is Bluemarcs Sparky Boi(Sam)?

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What is a Dog Whisperer – Pet tip 215

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Jason Noel
Province, Country:
MI, United States
Japanise Chin
Date of Birth:
Nov 21, 1997
Coat Colour:
Red White
Eye Colour:

I love to by Jason's feet, wherever he goes I want to go. I like to lick everything; Jason says I have an oral fixation. I love to play, especially with balls that squeak. I love to be scritched. I don't like to be left alone, and would like to have a playmate. Preferably, another Japanese Chin. I miss my family who live in South Carolina with Jason's dad. I love to play with anyone; I'm really friendly. I use to live with a cat called Sid, and another cat called Sky (not at the same time). I like to warn Jason of people coming up to the house; I think I'm an excellent watch dog.

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