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Ashley Flores
Province, Country:
AZ, United States
Blue Point Siamese
Date of Birth:
May 4,1997
Coat Colour:
Eye Colour:

Personality: I'm Very smart! #1 key right there. I'm not a stupid cat and from looks it looks like I'm very brillant.
Likes: I Love to lie on my family's behinds. When they lie down I jump on their butt and make myself comfortable. And love to play me some poker....the cards that were dealt, 2 pair! Kings and 10's.
Dislikes: I hate taking a bath. My owner makes me a bath with no Mr. Bubbles(sigh...)
Pet Peeves: I don't think I have any. Oh WAIT! When I'm sleeping I hate it when my family wakes me up when I'm sleeping in a comportable position!
Favourite Toy: I love my furry kitty cat and my owner's sandals.
Favourite Lounging spot: I have my own chair in the kitchen next to the outside door. My owner's will open the window shade and let the sun in and I love it there. I have already claimed the chair.
Most Embarrassing Moment: Everytime when I fall off my cat post.
Cherished Moment: When I met my new family. They welcomed me with open arms.

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