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Tammi Tryon
Province, Country:
FL, United States
Schnauzer / Peek A Poo
Date of Birth:
April 19, 2004
Not Provided
Coat Colour:
Eye Colour:

I am a fiesty little girl. I will chew on anything I can get a hold of. I love to sleep with my owner in her bed. I wake her up every morning about 5:30 to go potty. When she is working on the computer I sleep right under her desk on her oldest son's first baby blanket. I like to eat out of the kittens bowl. But I do not like him eating out of my bowl. That is him in the picture with me.  His name is Tiger and we are only 2 days a part in age.  I hate to be left home alone. I like to go with my owner everywhere. I will ride in the car in her lap and look out the window.  If she does leave me home alone I will cry when she gets home and lick her all over. 

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