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Drugs that fight parasites – Pet tip 256

The thought of parasites makes most pet owners shudder. Just in case we’ve forgotten what they are, a parasite is an organism that lives off another animal without benefit to that animal and without killing that animal. Parasites can be classified into external (ectoparasites) and internal (endoparasites). There are many different types of these critters, from roundworms to hookworms, tapeworms to fleas and ticks. Here is an overview of some of the drugs used to kill them, and a couple of pointers that you as a conscientious pet owner might want to be aware of.

Mandy Friesen
Province, Country:
Not Provided
Lhasa Apso
Date of Birth:
July 29 2002
Not Provided
Coat Colour:
Eye Colour:

My name is Stan, and although I'm still pretty young I act like an ornary old man.  I love my mom and sometimes like my dad.  My favourite things to do are sleep, chase animals and fight with my dad.  I also like to swim at the doggy beach near my house on the hot summer days.  I have many toys and favour them all, but hate when someone else tries to play with them.  I'm far too cool to do anything embarrassing, although I have had to be pulled out of the river a couple of times before I went through the rapids.  Sometimes I just watch my friends run around like idiots, other times when I'm feeling frisky I'll join in.  My most favourite times are going to grandma's house.  I get to chase the kitty, the cows and now a pot bellied pig.  It's the best time I could ever have and grandma ans grandpa spoil me to death!!!!  What a life I lead, mom says she wishes she could be me! 

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