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Anita, Mela, The Twins, Mac, Adamia, Bob, Caramel's Tribute

Anita, Mela, The Twins, Mac, Adamia, Bob, Caramel

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All about Anita, Mela, The Twins, Mac, Adamia, Bob, Caramel

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Drugs that fight parasites – Pet tip 256

The thought of parasites makes most pet owners shudder. Just in case we’ve forgotten what they are, a parasite is an organism that lives off another animal without benefit to that animal and without killing that animal. Parasites can be classified into external (ectoparasites) and internal (endoparasites). There are many different types of these critters, from roundworms to hookworms, tapeworms to fleas and ticks. Here is an overview of some of the drugs used to kill them, and a couple of pointers that you as a conscientious pet owner might want to be aware of.

Hilary & Justin Dechert Ayres Ferland
Province, Country:
AB, Canada
Glo-lite tetras, Neon Tetra, Coloured White Skirt
Date of Birth:
Varies: eldest 8 months
Date of Death
Not Provided
Not Provided
Coat Colour:
Eye Colour:

Anita, Mela, The Twins, Mac, Adamia, Bob, Caramel and the three snails pictured were wonderful fish. The twins didn't survive a bad water change, and the others didn't survive the move.

Anita; the eldest made it through a full year. The shock of the second move just had worn her out too much.

Mela died shortly after the move of snail shock.

Mac lost Adamia during the move and died of a broken heart days later.

Caramel didn't make the move's water change.

Bob survived for weeks after the change and then passed away shortly after Mac from the poor infected friends we gave him as companionship.

The three snails went on to produce the 300+ that we now have.

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