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Katy Aird
Province, Country:
BC, Great Britain
Shepherd/Husky Mix
Date of Birth:
October 31, 1995 (approx!)
Date of Death
February 5, 2008
Not Provided
Coat Colour:
black/grey/brown/beige - a bit of everything
Eye Colour:

My name is Guy and I was rescued from a smelly gas station in Vancouver where I was wandering around, trying to find my family! I guess they just misplaced me by accident!

At the gas station I was greeted by a nice man (he was called Guy too - what a coincidence) who took me to a nice warm kennel at the Vancouver Animal Shelter. I liked everyone at the shelter but I wanted my own house to run around in again! I knew after a few days that my family weren't coming for me but that was ok because a nice couple came by everyday to see me, play with me and take me for long walks beside a lake.

Then one day they came by with a new collar and leash for me and I now get to play, sleep and eat with them forever in my nice new house!

My new Mum and Dad love me very much and I am even allowed on the sofa! They aren't sure how old I am, but have had a good guess and my new birthday is Halloween - the day they brought me home to keep me safe from the fireworks!

I have great fun with my Mum and Dad. We go for long hikes and I even tried canoeing, which was a bit boring as I wasn't allowed to jump overboard and swim! Swimming is my favourite hobby and I can even chase my tail and swim at the same time now!

I get scared around some other dogs and they make me mad and grumpy, but when I see another dog that I don't know, I get to sit down and have a cookie until they walk by! They always look at me and I can tell they are so jealous! I don't like cats much either - they are too fast for me!

I have a new step-cousin called Taiga who I tease a lot, but I love him! I get to see him often and it's nice to have a buddy to hang out with!

I love my life and my new life adores me!

I'm off to play with my new ball!

Bye everyone!

Woof woof


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