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Sabrina Geoffrey
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october 2003
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My name is Stormy but everyone calls me Ormy.  I am the youngest of my family (Bailey and Bandit are my siblings).  I came from a different family but they left me at a pet store.  The store was scary and the food sucked.  Then mom came in and took me home.  Bailey hissed alot (and still does but she'll let me sleep with her somtimes) and Bandit licked and licked me.  I love them both though.  I love being petted and if i'm not i go and find someone's hands and rub against them until they get the point. I love the fuzzy mice and my yellow ball.  When I'm done playing with them I put them under the counters where Bandit and Bailey can't get to them.  My arms are too short too so I sit there looking under the counter when mom comes by and gets them for me.  When I play I like to put my feet by my ears and my bum in the air. I HAVE THE CUTEST BUM I'VE EVER SEEN.

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