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Sabrina Geoffrey
Province, Country:
Not Provided
Date of Birth:
April 1 2003
Not Provided
Coat Colour:
Eye Colour:
Lt brown

My name is Bandit.  I am the brother of Bailey and Stormy.  Mom decided that Bailey needed a playmate.  I came from a friend of mom's who didn't want to keep me and my siblings (I'm better off here anyway).  I have a fearless attitude unless it comes to the new plant mom got today (that thing is scary).  I love Stormy, can't see who can't, eating anything I can get my paws on, playing outside and jumping the fence and brushing my teeth with mom's toothbrush.  I hate taking a bath. Mom always says my boots are black.....she must be color blind because there white and sometimes grey.  The best place in the world is the pet store.  I get put on a leash and get to walk all over the store and look at the birds and fish.  When it's time to leave I fall over and lie down, mom has to pick me up. HA HA HA.

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