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Lesser Known Food Toxins for Dogs – Pet tip 243

Most dog owners are aware that many dogs will eat almost anything. This is especially true of puppies and younger dogs. It is for this reason that houses need to be dog proofed or puppy proofed. Good house proofing will keep dogs away from medications, poisons inedible objects etc. and this is a great start. We know that even though dogs eat the weirdest stuff, the greatest temptation comes from foods that they are not supposed to eat. By now most dog owners know that chocolate is a MAJOR ‘no no’ and certain types of chocolate can actually kill a dog.

Tara Patterson
Maple Ridge
Province, Country:
BC, Canada
Standard Manchester Terrier
Date of Birth:
July 2, 2003
Coat Colour:
Black & Tan
Eye Colour:
Dark Brown

I like to chew on my Greenies, and thrash my rope around.  I'm getting pretty good at throwing it for myself too.  I like to play with my kitties (although, I don't think THEY like it too much).  I can't sleep without my Mom and Dad, and I have to get my share of the blankets and pillows.
I can run really fast, and love it when Mom takes me to the Dog Parks.  I can run and run, and no one can really catch me.  It's great.
I don't dislike much, except getting my claws clipped and RAIN.  Too bad I live on the West Coast, I just can't get used to the rain.

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