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Heidi Piper
Province, Country:
NB, Canada
Jack Russel/Pit Bull
Date of Birth:
October 18, 2003
Date of Death
June 19, 2004
Not Provided
Coat Colour:
café creme and white
Eye Colour:

Bailey (aka babsy) was only in my life for a short time, but was great company during that time.  I found her (only 3 months old) in a shelter in Montreal while I was at university and we became instant buddies.  She went to class, sorority meetings, hockey games and even the library with me; where ever I went, Bailey went.  She was my first pet and my baby.

When I moved home for the summer she found a place in the life of my parents and sister, who had never had  a dog before.  She went for rides in the vehicle, went for walks on the farm, and gave my mom company during the day.  She loved to tease my sister and her cat, and loved my dad who gave her treats, made her do silly tricks and finally made her speak.

I will never forget our trip on the bus that first night I took you home.  As we walked from the bus stop you just trotted along in your cute little coat and kept looking at me like I'm so glad we met and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you.   And then how happy you were when we came home to New Brunswick for the summer.  You met the cat for the first time and you met mom and dad and the neighbour's cows..... I can't forget the last morning I saw you.  You woke me up, ate some of my bagel when I wasn't looking, then when I left for work you crawled up on mom and looked at me with those sad eyes you gave me every morning when I left, then gave a big sigh and watched me walk out the door for the last time.  Sometimes things in life don't go exactly the way you plan, but I'm glad that we could add 6 extra months of happiness to your life.

Bailey will be remembered for her snuggliness (I think she thought that she was a lapdog), her love of the shower and ice machine, and her incredible ability to keep a floor and the cat's dish clean.  She will be greatly missed by me, my family and Nick the cat, all her friends in Montreal,  Ben, Hunter, Rosie roo and Buddy.

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