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Tip – 8- Can I give my sick or injured cat an Aspirin or painkiller?

Although we may want to help our sick cats or cats that have been injured, never give your cat pain medication.

Many common pain medications that are safe for humans (and other species) are potentially fatal to cats. These medications …

April Bartlett
Grand Falls-Windsor/Bridgeport
Province, Country:
NF, Canada
Date of Birth:
July 7, 2003
Coat Colour:
Eye Colour:

Favourite toy:    those little colored mice, but I always chew off the tails.  Actually, when my owners throw a mouse across the house, I run, pick it up in my mouth, and bring it back to them!  They really love it when I play fetch.
Favourite lounging spot:    I spend a lot of time in my owners leather chair.  They always put a fleece blanket in it for me so it's nice and soft.  I also like window ledges.  When I see those birdies out in the back yard, my tail moves so fast, I want to get outside and play with them so bad......but I'm an indoor cat, so what can I do??
Most embarrasing moment:   My owner gave his girlfriend a stuffed white cat for Valentine's Day this year, and I was afraid of it, I thought it was real at first, and I used to attack it, how embarrasing!!
Pet Peeves:  I can't stand dogs, and I hate travelling, the car has to be the worst spot ever, I can't run around, play with my toys, or do anything, it's just soooo small, all I do is sit there and cry my head off!!  I know it's really annoying, but that's LIFE!
Likes:  I love to give my owners kisses several times a day, especially when they're not paying any attention to me, or when they're reading a newspaper, I go right up by their faces and rubs my face against theirs.  Then they think I'm so adorable and I get lots of attention.
My best friends:  Well, other than my owners, my favorite buddies are Midnight and Suki.  They are Marsha's and Phil's cats, they are soooo cool.  I also recently met Snowball, Max, Skylar, and Katie.......Silver and Frisky, and Ozzie and Abby (but I'm not a true dog lover yet). 
My favorite food:   Well, I love McDonald's Chicken Nuggets, nothing can beat that....haha!  But my usual food is the whiskas pouches, seafood flavor preferably, and the dry friskies.

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