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Tip 67 – Cat vocalizations – talking cats – excessive meowing

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April Bartlett
Grand Falls-Windsor/Bridgeport
Province, Country:
NF, Canada
Date of Birth:
July 7, 2003
Coat Colour:
Eye Colour:

Favourite toy:    those little colored mice, but I always chew off the tails.  Actually, when my owners throw a mouse across the house, I run, pick it up in my mouth, and bring it back to them!  They really love it when I play fetch.
Favourite lounging spot:    I spend a lot of time in my owners leather chair.  They always put a fleece blanket in it for me so it's nice and soft.  I also like window ledges.  When I see those birdies out in the back yard, my tail moves so fast, I want to get outside and play with them so bad......but I'm an indoor cat, so what can I do??
Most embarrasing moment:   My owner gave his girlfriend a stuffed white cat for Valentine's Day this year, and I was afraid of it, I thought it was real at first, and I used to attack it, how embarrasing!!
Pet Peeves:  I can't stand dogs, and I hate travelling, the car has to be the worst spot ever, I can't run around, play with my toys, or do anything, it's just soooo small, all I do is sit there and cry my head off!!  I know it's really annoying, but that's LIFE!
Likes:  I love to give my owners kisses several times a day, especially when they're not paying any attention to me, or when they're reading a newspaper, I go right up by their faces and rubs my face against theirs.  Then they think I'm so adorable and I get lots of attention.
My best friends:  Well, other than my owners, my favorite buddies are Midnight and Suki.  They are Marsha's and Phil's cats, they are soooo cool.  I also recently met Snowball, Max, Skylar, and Katie.......Silver and Frisky, and Ozzie and Abby (but I'm not a true dog lover yet). 
My favorite food:   Well, I love McDonald's Chicken Nuggets, nothing can beat that....haha!  But my usual food is the whiskas pouches, seafood flavor preferably, and the dry friskies.

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