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CA, United States
orange tabby
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to nala

she was my best friend when i get sad she would always be there to comfort me.

my husband first found nala she was a kitten and i spoiled her rotten,she would eat

temptation treats and when i got nala differant treats she would turn her head

and when i gave her the temptation treats she would jump up on a table and eat them.

nala was raised with candy another cat that i found and when nala died candy eas just

lost without her playmate.but i knew i still had a lot of love to give other cats so now i

have four cats.it was in dec of 2002 my mom told me nala wasn't eating i didn't think

anythink of it until i came back from my trip and i saw that nala had lost from a 20 pound cat to a two pound cat when i took her to the vet he said thet she had tyroid disease she couldn't even hold her head up so the only thing i could do was to let her go so i had the doctor put her to sleep,which was the hardest thing i could ever do but i knew i had to because she was suffering too much.

nala is still in my heart everday .

i love you nala

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