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Ava Zeidler
Province, Country:
AB, Canada
Sheltie (Collie/German Sheppard)
Date of Birth:
March 1991
Date of Death
March 4, 2004, 2 pm.
Not Provided
Coat Colour:
Black and Tan
Eye Colour:

I saw Maggie while driving around garage sales in Edmonton, Alberta in Spring of 1991. I did not plan to buy a dog, but she captured my heart and I asked if she is for sale. She and her brother were puppies behind a chickem fence and she begged with her eyes to rescue her from that house. There were few children poking at her eyes and her brother pushed her away from the food bowl. I took her right away to my downtown apartment. So I had to buy a house.

She lived with me in Moncton, NB, in Swan Hills, AB, and in Calgary.

When we left Canada for Kuwait in 1999, Maggie stayed in Edmonton with my Mother. We had to give away her buddy Christie, another dog we had. This was very sad.

Maggie missed me a lot. After September 11, I decided not to go back to the Middle East. Maggie did not want me to go and leave her again. This was a good decision. Last four years were tough and Maggie endured it with us.

She passed away on March 4, 2004 at 14:00 at the Mayfield Veterinary Hospital. She was sick and disabled. She suffered from arthritis for a long time and lost her sharp sight. Since December 2003 Maggie deteriorated and the x-ray showed a tumor in her chest. According to the doctor, few day ago her liver failed and she refused food. The choice was saddest thing I have ever done in my life.

I kept a piece of her hair, shaved from her paw and the dog tag.

It was a nice sunny day. When we travelled to the hospital, the sun shone on Maggie in the back of the van and she lifted her head. This was her last day.

Thank you Maggie for 13 years of friendship. I miss you!

 Maggie's Years - Picture Index

1991 - happy young Maggie and her owner Ava, Edmonton, Alberta

1994 - on the frozen Lesser Slave Lake, Alberta with Ava, Marianna and Alexander

1997 - Christmas picture, Maggie, Ava and Alexander

2003 - Beware of Dog. with Alexander, 10 year old

2003 - Maggie with Ava

2004 - March 4, 2004, one hour before final departure





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