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Emily Taylor
Mission Viejo
Province, Country:
CA, United States
English/Australian mix Parakeet
Date of Birth:
January 14, 2002
Coat Colour:
blue & white feathers
Eye Colour:

likes: I like to sit on feet as they walk around and I also like to nibble on my human's hair.
dislikes: Sometimes I don't like to come out of my cage, the humans get bitten when they try to make me.
pet peeves: I don't like going to bed before 2am - the human covers me up but I keep singing like it's daytime.
favourite toy: I like my mirror - there is a very handsome bird sitting in it!
favourite lounging spot: I just like to sit on my perch in front of the mirror. Nothing too exciting!
Most Embarrassing Moment:  I like to bathe in my water bowl, and normally I keep my head out of the water, but the human was watching me one day - and I fell in head first!
Cherished Memory:  I like to get kisses - I can make a kissing sound now and that always gets me kissed.

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