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Judith Lacaria
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April 12, 2000
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Foxy is my name and I truly live up to it. I love to take my owner -or should I say drag my owner out for a walk... she always lets me off leash when we make it to the fields and we run and play for hours. Spoilt as I am, I have my own room in our house, which contains a 4-seater chesterfield, tv,pc,and of course toys everywhere. My favorite is the somewhat stuffed "kitty" Because I am a little ruff with it my mom had to stitch it up 100 times and now it's head is somewhere in it's stomach.. but I still love it and sleep with it and take it to my food dish to let it eat..  Had a little gas the other night - and it scarred me soooooooooooooo much that I chased myself around the room just to find out who was shooting at me. My owner almost wet herself watching me - tell she finally grabbed me and told me it was all right... no one was shootin..just a natural reaching to back firing.... how embarrasing.. but that is the life of a doberman.. and I LOVE IT...

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