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Dogs – Cats and Budgeting – Pet tip 242

Times are tough and many of us have less money coming in (income) but still have the same costs. This leaves most people with very little extra money to just ‘throw away’. This may cause some pet owners to become worried about how to provide for the health and well-being of their pets.

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Rebecca Burnett
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Shetland Sheepdog
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     Hi! My name is Skye :) I am a pretty, perky little 5 year-old Sheltie that just loves to be the center of attention. Has anyone ever told you that Sheltie's make the best companions? Well, I am here to convince you that a life without a Sheltie is no kind of life at all!
     When my family first brought me home, I melted their hearts. In the summer I learned that tanning was the "in thing" to do with my girl Becca. In the fall, it was time to clean up the leaves...it was then that I learned how piles are meant to stay as piles, and not to be jumped in :p When winter came around, my Dad Tony taught me how to shovel out the driveway, even though I still haven't quite figured out what that white stuff is (and I'm told that shovelling the driveway doesn't mean burying my face in the snow for commical effect). By the time spring had sprung I was ready to get out and play in the grass again! Too bad that there's so many mud puddles that I can't seem to avoid...I thank Becca everyday for the many baths she's given me over the years ;) (Don't tell Becca that I play in the puddles on purpose!)
     As you can very well tell, I am a commical, fun loving girl that is lucky enough to have a great family that teaches me so many neat things! If my little story hasn't convinced you to get a Sheltie, then maybe you should get a cat...I hear that they make nice toilet bowl scrubbers...

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