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The Lomas Family
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Farmhouse cat
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Coat Colour:
Black and white
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On the evening of the 26th of January 2004,Lynn heard a yowl, when she went to see what was the matter, Pumpkin the cat was sat on the doorstep. She let him in, and he made it to the dining room, only to lie down because he was so weak. We thought a car most of hit him because he didn't want to stand. We took him to the vet where it was confirmed that he had been fed poison. He stayed in the vet for the night, but at 3.00am when the vet came to see him because he had trouble breathing before, it was confirmed he was dead. Pumpkin started out in life as a playful (and bitey) kitten who was a birthday present for Naomi. He liked to play with building block boxes and near the end, he liked to sleep above the boiler nad play with a catnip mouse. He was the best cat that the family ever had and we hope wherever he is know he is happy.

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