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Dan Hart
Prince George
Province, Country:
BC, Canada
husky blue heeler cross
Date of Birth:
Not Provided
Coat Colour:
black and blue/grey
Eye Colour:

Muncho is a strange one but I love him. When I first brought him home from the SPCA, he loved all the room he had to run. ( I have 2 acres).  But then he went through the fences to go chasing the neighbors cattle. I think the horses freaked him out a bit though.Then I started to notice his quirks. He would stand in a mud puddle and pee in one end of it while drinking out of the other. You could tell he was part cattle dog as he would try to herd all his human friends together by nipping at their heels and butts. One time, and I stress ONE TIME, I was crawling into the space under the house and as I was going through the hole, my butt sticking up in the air, he mounted me. Hahaha. I guess man is dogs best friend too. Let me just say he doesn't get those urges anymore. He also won't eat out of his dish. He has to dump it all out onto the ground first and carry his dish to the other end of the yard. He has a few bad habits too. He loves coffee and I've seen him drinking beer and whiskey when I wasn't looking. I've also caught him having the odd cigarrette butt.  Oh well, everyone needs a vice or two.
He also loves his grandma and grandpa. He stays there while I'm on the road, driving truck. We kind of have a family joke that I get custody on the weekends. My dad spoils Muncho. He built him a house with a little patio out front so he doesn't have to lay on the ground. And my mom is always giving him nice big bones and gravy and the like.
The way he got his name is a story too. I grew up for a few years in a little place called Muncho Lake in northern BC. After quite a few years I found myself living and working in Vancouver, BC. While at work, making a delivery, this woman was yelling out the door "Muncho... Muncho''. She was calling her dog.  She told me that they've named all their animals after northern lakes and I thought that was cool. I told her I used to live there and was going to use that name the next time I had a pet.

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