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Baxter with Bailey & Santa

Baxter with Bailey & Santa

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Karen & Dorian Litteljohn
Province, Country:
ON, Canada
silver tabby
Date of Birth:
August 25/03
Coat Colour:
Eye Colour:

My name is Baxter, and I was lost from my Mom and then my new Mom and Dad took me in and I am a very lucky kitty. I love my new home and all the great toys I have and I even got my picture taken with Santa Claus for my first Christmas.  I love to eat!! Any kind of cat food is good!! I love to wake up Mom and Dad in the morning by jumping up on the bed and pawing at Mom's face and then she scratches and rubs me all over and I purr very loud, but they don't  seem to mind because they keep on kissing me. I love to go to the top of the bed and rest against the mirror between Moms pillows, it is cooler. I usually sleep under their bed, I like the privacy under there, no one to bug me. I sleep alot, because I am a kitten , and usually wake up in the evening and love to run and play and bite at my Mom and Dads feet as they walk around their bed.  I'm not too fond of Dogs though, I may have had a run in with one, before I moved here, but I know that they are not my favorite creatures.  There is a Dog named Hermie that I am suppose to get to know, so we will see how it goes.  There are 2 cats living next door, I haven't actually met them yet, but we do view each other through the front window ledge from time to time, but now that Mom has this big silly tree in the window it is harder to get around, but I manage. The sun comes in nice through that window and I like to lie there and look outside. I don't get to go outside, and I think I would like that, but my Mom has a fit every time I get near the doors, so I guess I will have to wait until she takes me out sometime.  I have been to the Vet and she stuck a thing up my bum, that wasn't very nice and took my temperature,and then stuck this sharp thing in my back hip, not too impressed, but she did give me some treats. I love it when Mom shakes my treat can and I come running and jump up on her leg. She seems to like that.  All in all my Mom and Dad spoil me, but I love them too.

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