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Dog is a Crotch Sniffer – Pet tip 245

Most dog owners are aware that dog noses are extremely sensitive. This is due to the quantity of olfactory or ‘smell’ receptors in a dog’s nose. Whereas humans have around five million olfactory receptors, dogs have two hundred and twenty million. This makes their noses exponentially more sensitive than a human’s. Most times a dog’s sensitive nose works to our benefit. All kinds of dogs are used as service dogs to help humans find missing people, sniff out explosives, drugs etc. They can smell people coming from quite a distance and alert us to their presence. There are some embarrassing occasions however, when a dog’s nose is just too sensitive from our human perspective. Most notably this occurs when dogs try to sniff humans in their private areas.

This behaviour is a common one in dogs and equally common is the fact that it upsets most dog owners. The reason some dogs sniff at a human’s private parts is the same reason they sniff the private parts of other dogs. We know that when they smell other dogs in this way they can tell the sex, rank (is the dog more dominant or submissive) age and other information about the dog.

Joanna Eglin
Province, Country:
Not Provided
Cocker Spaniel
Date of Birth:
Date of Death
Coat Colour:
orange roam
Eye Colour:
light brown

We had got you from Cocker spaniel rescue, you were such a funny little boy, we used to say you were almost human! you would let anybody in but bark like mad when they wanted to leave. you would pick a carrot over a bone and hated walking. But it was your funny little ways that made you so special. You were 5 years old when you came to us and 8 and a half when you were taken away from us. You passed away peacefully  but suddenly with liver failure on Thursday 11th Dec 2003 at 23.30 you had only been ill 24 hours. We all looked after you right to the end.You loved showing off as your picture shows! We loved you so much, I thought my heart would break but you brought us so much happiness and left us with wonderful memories.I got a little staffordshire Bull Terrier, we have named her Maisie-Jayne, now ,not to replace you but to ease the pain we were going through no dog could ever replace you our brave little boy We will always remember you for giving us the greatest gift of all......Love Thank you for being you xxx



Good night and god bless you my dear little dog

"Gone but never forgotten"

Loads of hugs, love, pats and kisses

Love Mummy, Daddy and Emma   xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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