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Dakota & Jake

Dakota & Jake

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You JUST got a new dog – Don’t freak out – Pet tip 255

Today’s domestic dog is still closely related to the wolf. Like all wolves living in a pack, dogs must be part of a stable family and feel safe. Most domestic behavioral problems occur when the dog is confused about how to act/behave in different situations such as your home or out on a walk.

It is recommended that you keep Fido confined no matter his age for at least the first month in your home. This will allow him to settle in more comfortably and adapt to your lifestyle. At the same time, confinement will reduce such misbehaviors as chewing and separation anxiety.

Here are a few general rules to help you to prevent misbehaviors when you bring Fido home:

Vicki Munroe
Province, Country:
NS, Canada
Rottie Mix & Ritreiver Mix
Date of Birth:
Not sure...
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Coat Colour:
Not Provided
Eye Colour:
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This is Jake and Dakota ... Dakota is a female and Jake is a male ... Both rescued from the local pound and a great joy to be around.  We adopted Dakota after Jake's brother Java died due to complications from Epilepsy.
Dakota joins the ranks of my animal farm, which include Jake and three cats whose original names were Nikki, Zoro and Maggie ... however became, in my boyfriend's humorous mind, Porky, Piggy and Pissy ... long story, but the names have remained...
Tell me I don't do a lot of houswork with my hairy little clan!!!

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