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Dogs in Mourning – Pet tip 246

Dogs are extremely sensitive animals and can feel many of the same emotions that humans feel. Although many seasoned dog owners already know this, newer dog owners are often surprised by the depth of some of the emotions that dogs can feel. We all know that dogs can be very happy creatures; their broad wagging tails give them away every time. But dogs are capable of feeling more complex emotions than just happiness. At the other end of the spectrum there is sadness and depression and dogs are capable of feeling these emotions. Perhaps there is no greater testament to this fact then when a dog’s owner or another dog from the household dies

Vicki Munroe
Province, Country:
NS, Canada
Date of Birth:
April 2000
Date of Death
September 2003
Not Provided
Coat Colour:
Eye Colour:

We adopted brothers from the local pound in August of 2000, abandoned in a cardboard box in a field they said,  and one of which we named Java (he's on the right)... The cutest guys, but to call them brothers?  Totally different in look, behavior and temprament.  When Java turned one we discovered that he not only had hip-dysplasia, but sufferred from Epilepsy.  We gave him the best of medical care and all the love a dog could ask... although his hips remained good, the epilepsy took a toll on his liver from the medication.  He was the best dog an owner could hope for .... loveable, gentle and smart, but we had to say good-bye to him after only three short years, as he fell into a coma.  I miss him with all my heart and while we knew his lifespan would be shortened, we never imagined saying good-bye this quickly.  He left us being the best companion he could and enjoying life chasing his ball and playing with his brother only an hour before he took a nap and fell into his coma.  We did everything we could to save him... but he lays to rest in our yard, by the pond he so loved and we will always be close.  My heart still aches, but I know he's at peace and had the best life while he was with us. XO

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