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What is a Dog Whisperer – Pet tip 215

These days you hear a lot about the term ‘dog whisperer’ and most people associate the term with one particular dog trainer, Cesar Milan. Many people think that he created the term when in fact this is false. The term dog whisperer is actually a term borrowed from horse training, where certain trainers or horse whisperers seemed to be able to get horses to calm down and accept training or accept a rider on their backs. Their methods were often ‘quiet’ (as opposed to more traditional punitive techniques) to an observer as these trainers seemed to get results from quiet whispers. These days though, the term has been diluted and many people use the term loosely.

Janine Luzzi
Thunder Bay
Province, Country:
ON, Canada
Shar Pei/Spaniel
Date of Birth:
September 20, 2002
Coat Colour:
Eye Colour:

Likes:  I love my mom&dad's bed and their couch.  I also love my dog aunt Madison and my dog brother Jake.  I ESPECIALLY love getting my belly rubbed while I am standing up.
Dislikes:  The squirrels in my yard that never leave me alone, cats, and whatever the bug was that bit me and gave me hives all over.  My brother annoys me sometimes too, especially when he finishes my supper before I get to.
Bad Habits:  I destroyed one whole side of my mom&dad's couch AND two ends of their boxspring for their bed.  But they tasted sooooooooo good..................  But now that I am older I have stopped MOST of my bad habits.
Favourite Spot:  Besides mom and dad's bed, I spend ALL day perched in the window on the back of the couch.

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