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jennifer mckay
prince albert
Province, Country:
SK, Canada
black lab cross
Date of Birth:
july 2002
Not Provided
Coat Colour:
Eye Colour:

chewing everything in sight
buffalo bones
anything food, not very fussy, as long as it's not my IAM's
Sleeping in the sunlight
Hogging the bed
The neighbour's cat
getting socks/shoes/boots/magazines/newspaper  taken away
not getting my way!
the winter
I am very happy in my house.  And it is MY house. My Mommy seems to think that she is the owner of the house, but really it is MINE.  I love to spend my days lounging around in my backyard, lying in the sunlight on my deck.  I like to dig lots of holes under my deck too, just to annoy my Mommy.
I am a very pretty Black Labrador Retriever.  I'm just over a year old right now, so I'm still young and have TONS of energy. 
My favorite memory is the day I left the SPCA animal shelter.  As I was driving to my new house, and I saw that Mommy had just bought a few groceries.  She had a couple bags on the floor of the vehicle, so I decided to take a look in one of the bags.  There was something squishy and soft and smelt sooooo good!! I tore open the bag and threw bread all over the vehicle!! It was so much fun...........and it's only getting better.

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