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Bailey and Lucky

Bailey and Lucky

How cute is Bailey and Lucky?

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All about Bailey and Lucky

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Abbie DeWare
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Yellow Labs
Date of Birth:
December, 1996
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Hi there! Our names are Bailey and Lucky. We were not always friends - not even from the same litter. Our "family" brought me(Bailey) home first. It was soon after the birth of my big "sister", and they had just moved to Halifax. It was good for me, 'cause I had been sitting in a cramped cage, at a pet store for over a month! Since I was so lonely, and they had just had their other dog pass away, we made the perfect match!!! Life was full of happiness, and busy.  We made a move to Ontario, and I made lots of new friends! My best friend I met by chance. My "family" decided that I needed a pal for home... 'cause they wouldn't be able to have anymore children. So, one morning, they went to visit the Humane Society, in Scarborough. One thing led to another, and that afternoon, I had a new "sister", named Lucky. We had to be very gentle with her, "cause she had been through a very rough time. It wasn't love at first site... I felt like she got more attention than me, not too mention she took to my territory. Anyway, my "mom" had lots of patience, and within two months, we were and have remained in-seperable. We've had our share of adventures, some good, and some not so good.... but we won't discuss those.  Now we have a little one in the house, and she keeps us busy!!!! But we don't mind, "cause she always has a treat or two for us! Gotta love the kids!

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