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Lori Brynlund
Province, Country:
AB, Canada
Date of Birth:
June 1, 2003
Not Provided
Coat Colour:
Eye Colour:

My nickname is Punky, or sometimes Punk! I came from the Meow Foundation in September and my adoption was officially finalized in November.  The only horrible part about that was that I had to have an operation first (ugh!). 
My favorite past time is hiding under the bed or behind a chair and ambushing my new brothers as they walk by.  I actually scared my biggest brother, Rowdy, right into the garbage can one time!  I jumped at him as he was walking past.  He was so scared that he jumped straight up into the air, then landed in the garbage can beside him. Another time, I scared my  cousin, Aja.  She was hiding in the TV stand beside the VCR, teasing me through the glass doors. When I walked around behind the TV stand and pounced on her from behind, she was so scared that she practically flew right through the glass doors!  Maybe now, her nose won't be quite so pointy.
Even though I have 3 other kitties to play with all the time, sometimes a 4th if you count my cousin, Aja, I'm still a little lonely.  My step-mommy, Pooh Bear, has finally stopped hissing and growling at me, and my 2 new brothers, Rascal and Rowdy,  are finally letting me play with them sometimes.  My favorite game is to play tag!  We chase each other all around the house.  When we get a little tired, we run to "Home Base" where we rest for a few seconds, then we take off running again.  Sometimes they chase me, and sometimes I'm allowed to chase them!  That's when it's the most fun!
I was so happy last night!  Rascal actually let me snuggle up with him in one of the kitty couches!  I was so scared to move, or even breathe!  I thought for sure he was going to get up and leave - instead, he just went back to sleep.  Finally, after about 5 minutes, I couldn't stand the stress any longer and I finally left to go cuddle with my human mommy.  I'm not scared anymore to snuggle with her!
You can see my new family Rascal, Rowdy, and Pooh Bear, and my new silly little cousin (she's actually 3 months older than me, but I'm almost just as big as her), Aja. 

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