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Aja (registered: Arctic Dancer)

Aja (registered: Arctic Dancer)

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David Brynlund
Province, Country:
AB, Canada
Snow Bengal
Date of Birth:
Jan 27, 2003
Not Provided
Coat Colour:
spotted beige
Eye Colour:

Hello, my name is Bengal Exotic FX Arctic Dancer...  Papa got tired of remembering my whole name so he called me Aja (Asia). He quite often calls me Princess Aja because I am... a Princess.  Sometimes when I been naughty, like the time I jumped up on the kitchen counter to eat the nicely bbq'd salmon before the humans got to sit down to dinner, he calls me names that I can't repeat.
I got my name Aja because my great great grand papa was an Asian Leopard. My great great grand mama was a beautiful Siamese lady... I guess that's where I get my good looks from.  My leopard background makes me really ferocious... I used to feast on Papa's ankles when I was tiny.  Since I've grown, I like to hunt more challenging prey like 15lb tom cats.  Yep,  great great grand papa was the King of the Jungle and I'm the Queen of Calgary.  I ain't scared of nuthing (except tiny black furry kittens (http://www.pets.ca/petsites/viewpet.php?petid=1531) with big orange eyes... I think they are really witches or somethin).
What else can I say... I like playin in boxes, playin hide and go seek, drinking out of taps n tubs, snuggling under the covers, sleeping in my tree, watching squirrels n birds, chasing a little red dot (never could catch that sucker), catching bugs, and most of all... playing this game.  Yep, it's a fun game...  I jump up at the ferns untill there are leaves everywhere and then Nanny chases me around the house with a squirt bottle.  It is soooo much fun.
Oh, by the way... this is my baby picture...
I am Aja.... hear me RAWR!!!!
 My Cousins....  Rascal (http://www.pets.ca/petsites/viewpet.php?petid=70); Rowdy (http://www.pets.ca/petsites/viewpet.php?petid=71); PoohBear (http://www.pets.ca/petsites/viewpet.php?petid=72);

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