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Service Dogs and Autistic Children – Pet Tip 253

Dogs help humans in so many ways. They help with companionship, with tasks that they carry out for us and sometimes they help make every day living much easier. Perhaps the best demonstration of this fact is when dogs help people with disabilities. Many of us have seen dogs helping blind people and many have heard of dogs that feel when a seizure in an epileptic person is about to occur and then protect them from injury. Dogs can also help aid autistic children and parents of autistic children in many ways as well. Recent studies suggest that the prevalence of autistic children in Canada may be 1 in 165 children or higher. Therefore, many people may well personally know of an autistic child in their extended family, or know of friends or acquaintances that have an autistic child. So how can dogs help these autistic children?

The National Service Dogs (NSD) organization in Ontario Canada, is one of the best organizations that specifically help train dogs to make the lives of autistic children better. You might be wondering how a service dog can be useful to autistic children

Dianne MacFie
Province, Country:
BC, Canada
German Shepherd
Date of Birth:
October 20, 1990
Date of Death
March 11, 2003
Not Provided
Coat Colour:
black and tan
Eye Colour:
deep brown

My Baby Girl, Duchess, crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on March 11th, 2003.  She was my faithful companion from the time she was five weeks old until her passing on March 11th, 2003 at the age of 12 and a half.  I work at home and she would lay by my side, nudge me when the phone rang, bark when the mail came through the slot, and stand by my side to protect me if someone happened to come to the door.  She had had severe joint degeneration since the age of four, but you would never know it, until the last year of her life, when she started having trouble getting up, laying down, and just walking.  But she never complained.  She still tried to follow me everywhere.  Her favourite game was "Red ball, green ball," where I would throw two balls, one red and one green, and tell her which one to bring back to me.  She got it right every time.  She wasn't able to play her favourite game the last few years of her life, so when she was leaving me I whispered in her ear, "Run and play, Baby Girl, run and play...Red ball, green ball," and then, in that moment, she crossed over Rainbow Bridge.  I will forever love you, Baby Girl, and we'll play together again some day.  Be a good girl.  Love and miss you...your Mom.

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