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Date of Birth:
April 1, 1989
Date of Death
Apr il 7, 2000
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Shorty's memory will live
in our hearts and minds for eternity. Without a doubt she has been the best
pet I have ever known. Shorty developed kidney trouble and retired at 11:30am
April 7 2000 of complete kidney failure. She touched the hearts of everyone
who met her. She lived an extremely good life and all that knew Shorty have
been enriched by her presence. I will personally never truly get over the loss
of Shorty. She was one of my best friends and there will always be an empty
place in my heart that will never go away. She lived her life with an admirable
courage and grace that I often envied. She met challenges head on and always
managed to show us all that nothing was too big to overcome or bring her down.
Even in death she showed me stature and spirit. Shorty took her last walk beside
the ocean that she had grown to love, smelling and listening to all that: made
her so happy during her life. The sun was shining bright and it was unusually
warm as she lie her head on my lap in the back of the pickup truck that had
meant so much to her. As weak as she was, she showed me that all was OK, almost
reassuring me. She knew that I was safe and that my life was beginning to become
complete. I held her so tight as the veterinarian administered the shot. Painless,
with all her closest friends by her side, patting and holding her, comforting
and reassuring her, the Short Black Dog closed her eyes one final time, sighed
then left us to be with God. My saving grace is believing that God has taken
my dog to be with him.

I would like to take a moment
and personally thank the 3 people who helped me in making Shorty be at ease
on this day. First I would like to thank my wife Colette, who stood by my side,
at the moment I needed her the most she diligently helped me in every way possible.
I could not have handled this situation if not for you. To my mother-in-law
Laura who's words helped me to understand that the decision I grappled with
was indeed the right answer for Shorty. I will never forget what she told me.
And lastly to my best buddy Brian who shared Shorty's life with me from the
very beginning. His strength allowed me to be emotional while still assuring
Shorty that all was going to be OK. To all of you that came our way, and shared
in Shorty's life I say thank you and pray: you all remember the good times.
I have so many fantastic memories of this dog called Shorty, I Must Be The Luckiest
Man On Earth! Thanks for 11 memorable years.

Black Dog, We Will Always Love You!!

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