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Pain aggression in dogs – Pet tip 257

Unfortunately the following two scenarios occur from time to time: You’re innocently petting your cat or dog when all of a sudden your pet bites you. The same reaction can happen when you pick up your cat or dog the way you always do, when all of a sudden it bites you. What is going on here? Your pet NEVER bites you, and now that you are trying to show it some love, it bites you. Has your pet gone mad? What might be going on here is pain induced aggression.

It seems so obvious after you bring your pet to a veterinarian to figure out what is going on, but it may be as simple as pain induced aggression. Pain induced aggression means that your pet has exhibited an aggressive behaviour because it is in pain. This is especially common in older pets that may be suffering from arthritis or perhaps one of their internal organs is bruised or diseased.

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From that first time we saw her... shy at the back of the kennel at the SPCA, scared and timid from the neglect she saw at her previous home.. we knew we had to take 6 month old Gemma home. She just fit in so well, and my sister and I ensured that she got all the exercise she needed by turning her into our "horse" and teaching her to jump over our home made showjumps. She had a rough first year, getting attacked by a German Shepherd and jumping up at the stove and spilling boiling water on herself... she was bald on about 1/4 of her right side for the rest of her life. After those obstacles, however, she came to become one of the happiest, friendliest dogs ever known. She loved walks (anywhere), getting her belly rubbed, and carrots.. and hated storms, cats, and surround sound!

When we moved here to Canada she came with us, enduring what must have been a traumatizing 9 hour flight, but eventually she was back to her old self soon enough, enjoying the warm weather and big yard.

I'll always remember how the little brat acted sooo tough, barking like crazy at whoever walked by or came to the house.. then lavishing them with kisses and fawning over them. The same went for other dogs she saw.. she'd go crazy barking at them, then get up close and be shy and sometimes scared, despite her big size. She was truly a soft hearted, loving animal.

Today.. she passed on. A lump on her back thigh prevented her from passing anything and she was in a lot of pain. However, I can't get over the fact that my parents didn't give me a chance to say goodbye. I was at work, I had no idea, and they let her go. I would have loved to tell her a few things before she was gone.. that I didnt mean to push her away when I was grumpy, or yell at her for barking at people... that I loved her always and I will never have another dog.

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