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Pain aggression in dogs – Pet tip 257

Unfortunately the following two scenarios occur from time to time: You’re innocently petting your cat or dog when all of a sudden your pet bites you. The same reaction can happen when you pick up your cat or dog the way you always do, when all of a sudden it bites you. What is going on here? Your pet NEVER bites you, and now that you are trying to show it some love, it bites you. Has your pet gone mad? What might be going on here is pain induced aggression.

It seems so obvious after you bring your pet to a veterinarian to figure out what is going on, but it may be as simple as pain induced aggression. Pain induced aggression means that your pet has exhibited an aggressive behaviour because it is in pain. This is especially common in older pets that may be suffering from arthritis or perhaps one of their internal organs is bruised or diseased.

Cori Snyder
Province, Country:
Not Provided
Yellow Lab
Date of Birth:
January 8, 1999
Coat Colour:
light yellow
Eye Colour:

I love to carry things around. I don't chew them - I just like to carry them around. I leave my owners shoes all over the place.  Sometimes they can't find the matching shoe for days.   My owners take me hiking every day, and let me chase butterflies. They feed me yummy food and let me sleep on the bed, even though I take up too much room.  But they say I am the best dog in the universe, so I guess that is why they let me have so much fun. I get really scared during thunderstorms and hide in the bathtub until they are gone.  I'm glad my owners are always there to make me happy. I make them happy too!

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