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Sick Dogs and Cats that won’t Eat – Pet Tip 252

We all know how important nutrition is to good health. Food gives us fuel for energy and allows us to do things that we usually take for granted. The same goes for animals. However, when an animal is sick, or is in the hospital, it can often be very tricky to get them to eat properly. The term “anorexia” means that an animal is inappetent, uninterested in food, and has stopped eating. It is very important to keep the calories up in a sick patient since this is the time they need them the most. Nutritionists have calculated formulas for energy requirements for different sized animals that are healthy.

Chantal Theriault
Province, Country:
QC, Canada
Labrador Mix
Date of Birth:
may 28 2001
Coat Colour:
Eye Colour:

In my family, there is Mom, Dad and my three sisters.  My dad decided to adopt me because he was feeling lonely for another male in the house (he is outnumbered)  I am an enthousiastic dog that loves to take walks and especially go swimming!!!!  My favorite place to walk is the woods near my place.  It has a little stream that I can wade in.  There are many things to see and smell.  But the thing that I like the best is that I can go free, I don't need a leash!!!  For me, it is doggy heaven.  My family often says that when I will die of old age, they will bury me in those woods, my favorite place on earth!!!
As you can see, I am all black which makes it extremely difficult for my parents to take a good picture of me.  I am so black that when we take a walk in the evening, I 'disappear', I am blacker than the night.  I lost count of how many times my parents tripped over me going to the bathroom at night...
My most embarrassing moment was when my dad and sister were fooling around at my grandparents pool and dad threw sister in the water and I wanted to participate too but got too close to them and fell head first into the pool. (I hate getting my ears wet)...well everyone laughed at me for a good while.  Now I'm careful about not standing too close to them.
I love children and am very careful with them around.  I am also gentle with older people, I know when to be calm around them.  My best (dog) friend is Jesse, a benji-type dog.  We love to run around together but she tires faster than me, she being so small.  I cry every time I see her outside.  We are neighbors, you know.

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