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Vicki Sisson
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TX, United States
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Dooley left this earth on August 4, 2003 at a very early age; he was just about to turn 1 ½ years old.  Dooley had a rare disease that took him for us without notice.


I am writing this tribute to Dooley so I can tell him everything I feel towards him.  Dooley, your mommy and daddy love you so much, your passing has left a huge hole in our hearts and home.  How do I ever put into words how much joy your brought into our lives?  From the day we brought you home, you were instantly part of our family forever.

You were so full of life, joy and love, I can see why God wanted you back.  I can remember the first time we bought you a football, how you loved your footballs and Frisbees.  Every time you got a new toy you would toss it up in the air and run all around the house so proud of your new toy.  You were such a good boy, you never destroyed anything as so many puppies do – we could have never asked for a better baby boy. 


Everywhere I look in the house I see you.  You were always the center of attention and that was just fine with us, what I would do to have you back with us.  Every time I go to get in the car, I expect you to come running to the door wanting to go as I always took you when I could.  Every night when I take your sister Val for a walk, I go to grab your leash as well but your not there.  I miss you so much my precious baby boy….how can I ever live without you?


Your daddy comes home from work everyday and expects you to be waiting at the back door to go out and play Frisbee with him until you two can just not play anymore.  Daddy misses you so.


Val has been sleeping in your bed, I think she does it to be close to you for she does not understand where you went, all she knows is you left with mommy one day and now your gone.  I wish I could make Val understand why you are not at home anymore.  Your big sister sure misses you.


Dooley you were so sick and I am so sorry that we did not know nor did your vet how sick you were, I hope your last few days were not painful for you.  I am sorry we did not get to say good-bye to you, as we would have liked to.  Please know we brought your ashes home and have them sitting on the fireplace mantle with your picture and collar where we can see you everyday.


I know you are with God now and that you are not sick anymore.  I am sure you are running and playing with all the other animals having a ball.  Please know someday mommy, daddy and Val will be joining you for eternity, but for now please remember we love and miss you every minute of the day.  I could have never asked or deserved such a special baby boy as you are…..in my heart forever.


Love, mommy…..


Good-bye Bubba 



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