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Sean and Shainna Poulin
Province, Country:
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orange boy
Date of Birth:
Mar. 1999
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Not Provided
Coat Colour:
Orange stripey boy
Eye Colour:

I'm tigger-tots! I am a sweet orange boy who loves cuddling up to my modem. My Grandmas think I'm a bundle of trouble, but my mommy and daddy love me anyway.
 My mommy and daddy just bought me a new house to live in that has cat windows for me to sleep in.  I love them!    I have 2 sisters named Chloe (coby) who is grey and white with green/blue eyes, and Casey (cake for short) she is black and  white with yellow eyes.  My sisters have there own room with a cat house and their own bed to suggle up on, well, we are supposed to share but, they really like it so,  I sleep on the couch all alone.... but it's now so bad, my Mommy always kisses me on the forehead before I go to sleep at night.
I love going outside in the yard with my daddy, But I don't go too far away from him cause i get kinda scared and get lost.  He always stays near and makes sure that I don't lose my way.
Everyone says that I'm a mommas boy, and that I'm a little spoiled, just cause Love to hug my mommy and cuddle.  I espaecially like it when she kisses my forehead and rubs under my chin.  She always brings me home nice things to play with.  I have lots of toy mice.....that used to have tails.  ....Not too sure what happened there :)
 I just wanted to say hi to everyone out there in cy-purrrland! Please vote for me as cute!

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