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Dogs in Mourning – Pet tip 246

Dogs are extremely sensitive animals and can feel many of the same emotions that humans feel. Although many seasoned dog owners already know this, newer dog owners are often surprised by the depth of some of the emotions that dogs can feel. We all know that dogs can be very happy creatures; their broad wagging tails give them away every time. But dogs are capable of feeling more complex emotions than just happiness. At the other end of the spectrum there is sadness and depression and dogs are capable of feeling these emotions. Perhaps there is no greater testament to this fact then when a dog’s owner or another dog from the household dies

KateandKelly Bensley
East Stroudsburg
Province, Country:
PA, United States
Siberian Husky
Date of Birth:
May 5, 2001
Coat Colour:
Eye Colour:
Crystal blue

Hi, My name is Sasha.
I am special because I have two mommies and a daddy.  I love to play with my rope and I love to get my bones that daddy brings me from the butcher shop. I also LOVE my HollywoodStar treats!  I like to play and romp outside whenever I get the chance.  My most embarrassing moment was when daddy was mopping the floor and I ran into the kitchen and slid and fell!  That was so embarrassing to me!! 
I don't like my nieghbors dog Nikki and she doesn't like me either so the feeling is mutual!!  But I have my mommies and they keep me company.  I want to swim in the pool but Daddy won't let me.  He says I'm to big and hairy and I will get hair in the pool, so...All I get to do, is watch my mommies swim.  I love to eat ice anytime especially on hot days. 
My most cherished memory was when I was adoped by my twin girls (two mommies)  They are 12 years old.  And I sure do love them alot and they love me.  Daddy loves me when I am good.
I really am special!  So vote for me  
Sincerely, SASHA (siberian husky)

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