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KateandKelly Bensley
East Stroudsburg
Province, Country:
PA, United States
Siberian Husky
Date of Birth:
May 5, 2001
Coat Colour:
Eye Colour:
Crystal blue

Hi, My name is Sasha.
I am special because I have two mommies and a daddy.  I love to play with my rope and I love to get my bones that daddy brings me from the butcher shop. I also LOVE my HollywoodStar treats!  I like to play and romp outside whenever I get the chance.  My most embarrassing moment was when daddy was mopping the floor and I ran into the kitchen and slid and fell!  That was so embarrassing to me!! 
I don't like my nieghbors dog Nikki and she doesn't like me either so the feeling is mutual!!  But I have my mommies and they keep me company.  I want to swim in the pool but Daddy won't let me.  He says I'm to big and hairy and I will get hair in the pool, so...All I get to do, is watch my mommies swim.  I love to eat ice anytime especially on hot days. 
My most cherished memory was when I was adoped by my twin girls (two mommies)  They are 12 years old.  And I sure do love them alot and they love me.  Daddy loves me when I am good.
I really am special!  So vote for me  
Sincerely, SASHA (siberian husky)

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